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Will my photos be posted on the Internet?


Absolutely not! We never post anything or use it on our site without written consent. The people you see on our site are either friends or models who are working on a TFP bases to build their own portfolios, not clients. (TFP=trade for print).


If you happen to be interested in working together on a TFP bases, please let us know, as we are always looking for an opportunity to update our portfolio and love working with new fresh faces.

 Commonly asked questions.......

I don't have the body to do a boudoir photo shoot.....

There are very few individuals who are totally satisfied with every aspect of their physical appearance. Most all of us have features we would rather not call attention to. Which makes for a easy excuse to put off doing something such as a boudoir shoot. But let us assure you, every single body type can be shoot in a flattering manner. We think its very important to look at each client as a unique individual and shoot them accordingly, rather than using an impersonal 'cookie cutter approach' with the intent to hide everything through editing. While we adore tools such as Photoshop, we feel its crucial to start with a solid image and like to think of retouching as the icing on the cake. We take great care in posing and shooting our clients in a way where we play up and maximize on their strongest most captivating features while downplaying the areas they might not be completely secure or satisfied with. Appropriate wardrobe choices, lighting, posing along with various camera settings and lenses, are all factors in creating a fabulous and extremely flattering image that requires minimal retouching.

What happens after I book, how do I prepare for my session?


No worries, we'll be with you every step of the way!!!

Upon scheduling your session, Kimberly will contact you giving the two of you an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations for the shoot. You'll also be able to review any ideas you might have or looks you would like to incorporate. Kimberly believes you can never have too much information and that the more she knows, the better she can plan for your shoot and assist you in preparing.


A couple of days after your initial conversation, Kimberly will get back to you with additional ideas as well as styling and wardrobe suggestions to assist you in shopping for the perfect ensemble based on your needs. Looks that suite your overall goals and are most flattering for your body type.


Kimberly will touch base with you and make sure you are being sucessfull in putting together outfits and that you have all the tools you need. However, you should feel free to contact her at any point between scheduling and your actual shoot to discuss any additional ideas, wardrobe issues, or concerns you might have.


Then a day or two before your scheduled time, Kimberly will be back in touch to confirm and

review with you what you should bring to the shoot along with any last min preparations.

Click here to see Kimberly's detailed preparation list and helpfull tips.


Do you shoot nudes?

If you're comfortable, we're comfortable!

Everyone's comfort levels are different, and every client's needs and reasons for shooting are unique. We shoot whatever our clients are comfortable with and respect their wishes. Clients often change their minds in regards to their limits once they start shooting. We think its absolutely fabulous when this happens, however we never push for it or think it's necessary. Honestly, one can create a pretty amazing boudoir album without even showing themselves completely undressed, let alone completely nude. But when a client wants to bare all, it just gives us more to work with and adds more variety within a shoot.

How many outfits or 'looks' do you allow in a session?


Unlike some photographers, we will shoot you in as many outfits as you like during your session. However we also don't want you eating up your studio time in the dressing room. If you are wanting to 'pack' as much into your scheduled shooting time, we recommend you be VERY we prepared. Plan out your outfits down to the last detail and have them ready to go. That way you maximize your studio time rather than waste it.

Check out Kimberly's tips on preparing for your shoot.

Is hair and makeup available ?

Yes, both make-up application and hair services are available.  

We offer airbrush make-up which minimizes pores, wrinkels, and most all imperfections of the skin providing a virtually flawless finish. False eyelashes are also included along with any touch-ups that might be needed between looks/wardrobe changes. While we often make changes to a clients hair between sets such as adding curls if we started with a straight style or maybe some sort of up-do, we still suggest you visit your salon prior to your shoot to have your hair styled to your liking whether that be blown out, straightened, curled, etc. But if you prefer your hair to be done on-location, we know and work with many talented hair stylist and can easily arrange to have a hair dresser at the shoot.


Additionally, we are all about glamming it up when it comes to shooting boudoir and LOVE working with clip in hair extensions. Purchase a set that is close to matching your own hair color and then take them to your hairdresser to be trimmed so that they blend in with your existing hair and lose that 'hair extension look'. Then we can then put them in and style at the time of your shoot. It's a totally glamorous look and great for photos!!!  .......If this is something you would be interested in, let us know and we can recommend a couple of great options that are priced well and also great quality extensions that can be worn again and again.



How should I arrive to my shoot?


We prefer for you to arrive well moisturised. While clean skin is best, wearing makeup is ok, though please try to avoid heavy make-up, especially waterproof mascara and heavily pigmented items such as dark or red lipstick. 


Unless you have made arrangements for a hair stylist to to at the shoot, you should arrive with your hair styled and it is best to avoid pulling it back in a ponytail as this will often leave a 'bump' or line in the hair once it's let down.


Also, if possible, try to wear lose fitting clothing. Tight clothing and elastic bands can cause unattractive marks and indentations in the skin that could show during shooting.

Where will my session take place?


We keep a place in the West Village that we use for sooting. While small, this space offeres us several different options or 'scenes'. And it's neutral color scheme and clean lines are ideal when shooting and pose no threat of creating a distracting backdrop.


You can also choose to shoot in your own home or appartment. A really nice touch if you wish to create a more personal, intimate feel.  And in general, you're going to be most comfortable and at ease in your on home. So this can prove to be a very helpfull option for those individuals who are afraid they might get a case of 'stage fright' when it comes time to shoot.


Additionally hotel suites, with their clean minimalistic style, make an ideal back drop for a boudoir shoot. A really great option and we absolutely recommend it if you are planning on shooting with a friend or hosting a Boudoir Party.


We're very flexible in regards to location and can discuss the options with you more in depth when booking and can even help you select a location if needed. We typically shoot within Manhattan, however we are available for locations outside of the city though depending on location,there may be a small travel fee.

Do you shoot anywhere other than Manhattan?

Yes, while we live and tend to primarily work in Manhattan we also shoot outside of the city. We love shooting on location whether out east or at your country place. Just ask, we're always up for a road trip.


Additionally we are in Atlanta and south Florida several times a year and offer boudoir photography sessions there as well.

Are couples boudoir sessions available?


We love shooting couples!!! An entire session can be as a couple or the significant other can join us half way into the shoot, allowing her to still get lots of great looks on her own as well as plenty as a couple.

We are working on putting together a couples gallery, so stay tuned......

Do you shoot maternity?


Yes, of course! While we don't have any examples included in our gallery, we absolutely love working with pregnant clients.

How long does the whole process take?

In most cases you'll receive proofs a couple of days after shooting via a private, password protected gallery.  All proofs presented to you will be low-resolution and watermarked. Proofs are NOT retouched, only exposure adjustments and cropping might have been addressed along with out takes being removed. We will have reviewed various options avalable to you in terms of addiional retouching, prints, photo books, etc and given you the opportunity to view and touch actual examples of these products at the time of your photo shoot. Then after reviewing your profs, you can select which options and products best suit your needs.


The length of time before receiving your final product depends greatly on the options you select and the amount of additional retouching you wish to have done. In many cases, we can rush orders, though there is more to it than our retouching and design time. While we might be able to work overtime and get everything ready faster, we still have to contend with printing and shipping times which are somewhat out of our control. So if you're planing this as a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday or special event, we suggst you plan in advance and make sure to allow enough time between the shoot itself and the time you need to have the gift. We suggest no less than 4 weeks and if you are working with a deadline, please be sure to make us aware of it when you book so we can help you in making choices that expedite the process.





Are my images retouched '?

While proofs are un-retouched, all images you select for purchase, use in books, prints, etc, will be fully retouched. Retouching includes things such as exposure/lighting adjustments, smoothing out the appearance of the skin and brightening the complexion, removing blemishes, scars, small tattoos or acne, adding emphases to the eyes along with many other general esthetic improvements. There is an additional charge for advance retouching such as removal of large tattoos, large scale body re-sculpting (i.e. using photoshop to ‘take-off’ the 20lbs you didn’t get off at the gym.), removal or addition of items to an image or other creative/artistic techniques that are beyond the scope of standard retouching/photoshop. 



Do I need to make a deposit to hold a time and date for shooting?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking which can be made through Venmo or PayPal. The remaining balance can then be paid at the time of the shoot by Venmo, PayPal or cash. If something unforeseen should occur and you must reschedule, we ask for 48 hours notice.

Hopefully we answered any questions you might have had. But if by chance we missed something or you want a bit more information,  we can be reached via email or by phone and are always more than happy to help.


Kimberly & Michael

917-754-2342 (Michael)

404-702-3113 (Kimberly)

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