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 Intimate Impressions is the collaboration of Michael Manz and Kimberly Bardot, who have strong creative and artistic backgrounds. They are driven by their passion for photography and the art of boudoir, along with the satisfaction of being able to capture timeless moments for their clients. 




Michael Mansfield nyc,
Michael mansfield NYC
Michael Mansfield NYC Photgrpher

Michael and Kimberly work with their clients from start to finish. From the time of booking to the delivery of final retouched images and every step inbetween. For them the process is a partnership between them and their client, and feel that this enables them to capture the subject in their own unique light.


They pride themselves in being able to put their clients at ease, creating an environment where clients can feel comfortable, confident and of course beautiful. They know this is a key factor in producing quality images that their clients will treasure.

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